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Our Mission Statement, By-Laws & History
  • Tri Star Kennel Club agrees and abides by these statements:

    • Will continue the further advancement of dogs of all breeds.

    • Encourage sportsmanship and fellowship at AKC events.

    • Provide mentoring and training to all ages.

    • Promote health/welfare through the knowledge of dogs.

Tri Star Kennel Club of Williamson County, TN (TSKCW) official formed November 1999. Spearheaded by Debra Maxwell who made the initial contact with American Kennel Club (AKC) New Club Department and was advised on the steps needed to put into action to form a new club.

Debra Maxell filled out all the required AKC paperwork and paid the AKC fees to start a new club.  As word circled the Greater Nashville area a new all-breed club was establishing, numerous individuals who were not associated with other all-breed clubs began to show interest to support and form the new all-breed club serving Nashville and Williamson County, Tennessee.

The official meeting occurred in Brentwood, TN on July 4, 2000 for a pot-luck dinner at Alton and Debra Maxwell’s house. The people who were in attendance at the first meeting and later became the only “charter members” were

·         Alton and Debra Maxwell

·         Bobbie Wilhoite

·         Walter Womble

·         Phillip and Celeste Johnson

·         Dick Dickerson

·         David and Pat Gleaves

·         Aubrey Witherington

·         Bill and Kerstin Coke

Bobbie Wilhoite recommended the newly formed club to reach out to speak with Beverly Lehnig and discuss steps needed to form a new all-breed club.  Ms Lehnig had experience starting up new clubs.  The new all-breed club decided with Ms. Lehnig to have a meeting in September 2000, at Shoney's in Brentwood, TN for her guidance, support and recommendation.  It was a successful meeting and the future vision of TSKCW was born. 

One of the first steps the members had to agree on would be a name for the club.  As the new club members brainstormed, it was Pat Gleaves who suggested the name Tri Star Kennel Club. Pat’s recommendation was founded on Tennessee’s state flag which has three stars representing the western, middle and eastern parts of the state. Pat believed the three stars could indicate the three counties (Williamson, Robertson, and Cheatam Counties) needed to start the club.  All the initial charter members immediately agreed, and the new all-breed club had a name, Tri Star Kennel Club of Williamson County, TN (TSKCW).


Additional Facts about TSKCW

·         AKC reviewed the demographics of all three counties and decided Williamson County had the most population to become the

          primary county for Tri Star Kennel Club.  

·         First fun match/money raiser, October 28, 2000, in Springfield at Dick Dickerson’s Peach Blossom Estate.

·         First “A” match was March 20, 2004.

·         First shows October 21-22, 2006.

·         First President: Simon “Dick” Dickerson

·         First show chairman: David Gleaves


Today, TSKCW welcomes everyone who enjoys generating a constructive setting for dog enthusiast. TSKCW creates an environment where your dog(s) can participate in AKC sanctioned events such as Conformation, Fast Cat, Agility, Obedience, Scent Hunt, Barn Hunts and/or Dock Diving. All AKC events allow dogs to earn numerous titles which can be added to their name.

Recently, TSKCW became a 501C3 organization. This allows the TSKCW to be identified as a non-profit organization. TSKCW created a “charitable committee” who vets potential originations where a percentage of the yearly profits will be donated within local and regional communities.


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