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Due to Covid-19 Show Safe Guidelines

We have had to make some unique changes to our previous site setups to accommodate the potential larger than normal entries as well as providing everyone with enough room for social distancing. We are treating this as a “Show and Go” event with the least number of congregations as possible. For 2021 we will NOT be able to accommodate ANY vendors inside the Farm Bureau Expo Center (new name same Expo Center as 2019). We have secured the Turner Building which is adjacent to the Expo center. This Building provides over 8000 sq. ft. of space with roll up garage doors at each end of the building. We have approximately 25 10x10 spaces. This building also provides a uni-sex restroom. We feel this is an excellent location between the three events and will drive more business to our vendors due to entry restrictions for the Expo center. Tri-Star is committed to a partnered safe and successful event for all. We will be providing signage inside the Expo center as well as the other 2 events, directing participants to our Vendor Mall. This building will also allow you to set up any time between 8am-9pm on Thursday, giving you the opportunity to start selling anytime that day and to leave anytime prior to 6pm on Sunday, not having to wait for BIS to complete.

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