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RV Rentals and Contact Information


Cost is $40.00 per Night for 1 Rental Spot which includes electricity and water.
-There are 4 dumping stations at the fairgrounds.

-There will be a designated place to park for anyone arriving
after 11:00 PM CT until 6:00 AM CT each day.
-Please do not try to find a spot without checking in first.

-Parents will be held responsible for their child and/or children's actions.
-There will be "NO" bathing of dogs or washing dog bowls in the restrooms.
-Please bring extra water hoses, electrical cords, splitters and water "T's."

Your TSKCW RV Chairperson's Contact are:
Kathy Lyons  Cell: (931) 220-1278
Linda Winford Cell: (931) 216-3600

If an email is required, type "TSKCW RV Overnight Parking" in the subject line.

Grooming Rentals and Contact Information

-Reserved grooming will be outside under cover but open sided pavilions.
-Reserved Grooming price is $40.00 per 10'x10' spot for October 13-16, 2022.
-There will be "Free Grooming" spaces identified in the Educational Pavillion, but there will be no electrical outlets.
-There will be NO FREE ELECTRICITY.  If outlets are used, the exhibitor will be charged. If an exhibitor has not paid, in-full, by 9:00 am CT Sunday morning, October 16, 2022, they will be requested to appear before an event committee hearing.
-Everything must be swept and cleaned before leaving the show grounds each day.
-All breed exhibitors may start setting up,
Thursday, October 13, 2022, at 3:00 pm CT.

-Maps with buildings, locations and exhibitors' names will be located at various spots inside the building for anyone arriving after 7:00 pm CT.
Your TSKCW Grooming Contact is:
Bryan McMillen, Grooming Rental Chairperson
Email:   Cell: (615) 390-5627

If an email is required, type "GROOMING PRE-REGISTRATION" in the subject line.
Vendors Rentals and Contact Information

-Prices vary depending on the size.
-The Tri Star Kennel Club vendor area will be outdoors.
-There is area for shelter or vendors may bring their own tents.
-Vendors will have electricity available for their use only and if needed.

-Vendors may begin arriving on Thursday, October 13, 2022,
starting at 10:00 am CT to set up.

-Reserved Vendor prices are good for October 13-16, 2022.

Your TSKCW Vendor Contact is:
Monica Lynch, Vendor Chairperson
Email:   Phone (615) 414-8895
If an email is required, type "VENDOR PRE-REGISTRATION" in the subject line.
Various Health Forms and Contact/Scheduling Information
The Health Certification Form Pre-Registration Information
At Present, we only have the ON-LINE SHOPPING CART available for
Health Certificiation Purchases.

Walk-Ins on the Day of Show Oct 14 or 15, 2022 CASH ONLY=$50/dog

Walk-Ins on the Day of Show Oct 14 or 15, 2022 CASH ONLY=$265/dog

Walk-Ins on the Day of Show Oct 14 or 15, 2022 CASH ONLY=$50/dog

Notice: Walk-ins are allowed BUT MUST PAY CASH ONLY payment and understand their time slots are as schedules permit.

Your TSKCW Vendor Contact is: Barbara Lynch
After our Judging List becomes available, Ms Lynch will contact you, via an email, to set up the schedule for our Pre-Registration Participants.