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Tri Star Kennel Club of Williamson County, TN  is an outstanding group of individuals who have collaborated and unified in setting objectives to celebrate, protect, educate and promote purebred dogs, and to enjoy the camaraderie of others who show, train, handle, breed, or just love purebred dogs.  We want to welcome everyone! You don't have to show to be a member! Just come for fellowship!

Our members are a diverse group including those who compete in conformation, obedience, agility, rally's, lure course, barn hunts, Fast-Cats, and dock diving. We have members of our club who are AKC judges, AKC delegates, professional handlers and mentor breeders. The members of Tri Star Kennel Club welcomes the community and new members to a friendly dog environment with monthly meetings, training classes, show committee meetings, fun matches, picnics, Christmas celebrations. Come to our meeting as a guest, meet us and become a part of the great dog community of Williamson County, TN!

We currently offer Three types of Memberships:

Individual- Single membership $10 per year dues

Family- Two adults and children 17 years of age and younger, membership $15 per year dues

Juniors- individuals 17 years of age and younger, no membership dues

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